About the Wonky Workshop

The Wonky Workshop Blog is run by Christoph Steinbeck.
Its purpose is to be a documentation of his love to make stuff, but most importantly to be a useful resource for the reader. Readers are strongly encouraged to leave feedback and questions, which will be answered [1].

Chris Steinbeck has been making things all his life. It all started with Lego and Fischertechnik, building Revell models and then went on to writing code in Assembler, BASIC, C, Java and Python.
Discovering the Maker Movement was a major revelation in his life and he has been considering it home every since.

Apart from making physical things – Woodworking, Electronics, Book Binding, Elaborate Food and Internet of Things Devices – Chris is a professor for analytical chemistry and cheminformatics at Friedrich-Schiller-University in Jena.

When not in Jena, Chris lives with his wife and two + x cats in the Black Forrest in Germany.

Part of the rest of his life:

Molecular informatics blog


[1] Christoph is a big fan of the Geneva convention, the declaration of human rights and article 1 of the German Constitution. This all about dignity. Trolls, abusive language or just unfriendly behaviour will go straight to /dev/null.