Logging room climate, Part 1

I have been working, very sporadically but for quite a while, on an ESP8266-based room climate logger with an BME280 sensor. This sensor measures temperature, humidity and atmospheric pressure. My current setup uses a Wemos D1 mini plus a Wemos battery shield as well as Waveshare 1.5 inch e-paper display. The display is updated once … [Read more…]

3D printer Wanhao Duplicator i3+ arrived

I had tremendous fun this weekend after my first 3D printer, a Wanhao Duplicator i3+ arrived. The reason for getting a 3D printer was even more fun I am recently having with microcontrollers, especially the ESP8266, and I needed a way to printer perfectly fitting enclosures for my builds. Stay tuned for details. Regarding the … [Read more…]

DIY Bookscanner Assembly

I have written about the arrival and packaging of my bookscanner kit from diybookscanner.eu in a previous post. Here I document the assembly, which was really easy due to the excellent videos by Daniel Reetz on YouTube. I recommend watching them all before even starting to do anything with the kit. Regarding tools needed for … [Read more…]

DIY Bookscanner Kit arrived

I love books. Real books, made of paper, ideally hard cover and properly bound with needle and thread. And I have assembled a nice library over time. On the other hand, due to peculiar choices of where to live and where to work, and due to the nature of my job, I essentially live on … [Read more…]

My Roubo Workbench – from lumber to raw bench

Last year I started building my workshop in the basement of our house with a view into our beautiful garden. What was desperately missing was the centrepiece of any workshop – a big, sturdy workbench. Even before starting the workshop, in August 2014, I had purchased a copy of Christopher Schwarz wonderful book about work … [Read more…]